"Australia's heavy metal queen is back,
With her brand new band, and she's going to rock your world"


- Demonika -

Demonika's roots into the heavy metal scene grow deep and far, All the way back into the 90s if you were to actually count the musical journey that Jadi-Anne and Nawar took as individual musicians.

The brainstorm of the Nawar & Jadi-Anne.

The first album by the band, recorded and produced at their own studio "Sonic Rock Studio" in Melbourne / Australia.

Perfectly Strange is an original album that has a mix between traditional and modern musical elements, it is ultimately a heavy album with plenty of heavy catchy riffs, melodies, harmonies and the all important "guitar solos",

Jadi-Anne's vocal style is unique , a husky throaty yet attuned, with  loud attack and aggressive screams,  to a more  relaxed   melodic passages that are more expressive and emotional.

The band in some ways promises to bring a unique and different sound, one that  can possibly be labelled as the start of an  Australia metal genre, purely on the fact that there has not been anyone with such style/sound to come out from anywhere, let alone the land down under.

The songs vary in intensity and style,
Nawar's playing and writing seems to blend in the many genres that entwine between metal, heavy rock and dare i say "electronic music" and clearly show influences from a verity of different styles and bands,

This makes for an interesting audio experience, leaving you wanting to put the album on repeat, the tracks seem to grow on you more and more, and the lyrics connect with the listener on an intimate level.





Vocals, Lyrics, Creative design.



Guitars, keys/Orchestral arrangements, backing Vocals, Producer


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