NEW ALBUM: "Perfectly Strange" to be released 06-06-2016

The album was recorded at the band's own studio (Sonic Rock Studio) over the past few years, this was an extremely unique project, Nawar and Jadi-Anne wrote. recorded and produced the album independently, bringing out a new style of music that appeals to the musical taste of a wider variety of listeners. The Music still holds true to it's heavy metal roots, but with an electronic twist and heavy yet melodic vocal style. The album is to be officially released June 6th 2016, And to celebrate the occasion with all of our fans, the album will be available for streaming from this very website, so make sure you go and give it a listen. The Album itself will be an exclusive physical release o

Demonika "the interview"

In this video, Nawar talks about the band, the recording of the album, the writing process with Jadi-anne. and more.

In the Studio with Demonika

It all started around early 2007, possibly earlier "said Nawar", but this wasn't just about writing some songs to go on an album, it was more about really getting deep into writing and actually making something unique, Contrary to popular beliefe, having your own studio does not always mean that you get to have all the fun you want, i actually found it to be extremely tedious and at times exhausting; However, Jadi-Anne will tell that it is because i became extremely fussy about what i'm doing.. That can sometimes be a good thing, because you strive at doing nothing but your absolute best, and you ultimately become proficient, comfortable and efficient at making the most of the your whate

“Videos” more and more to come

We decided to release a few videos that we began making recently, It is much harder than you think when it is literally one or two people making videos, However, we feel that it is important for us to share our progress in making the album, and some of the tracks/guitar play through for those who like to see something different. However, we endeavour to share more material as we make them, the boys have been playing around in the studio and made a few videos about their gear, Nawar has been working on some behind the scene/making of the album videos, they will be uploaded as they're finished.

Thank you from Demonika

A big Thank you goes out to our Fans, Friends and family for all your continuous support. in between all the action, we continue to get messages and we are honoured to have you in our lives. YOU ROCK

Perfectly Strange

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