Released 6 June 2016


Get a copy of the first release by Demonika, 
on a custom made portable USB drive, made of high quality brushed metal, housed in a beautifully made matching case. 

INCLUDED "in digital format": 

# The full album tracks list in full CD quality and highest quality MP3 conversion ready to upload into your favourite media player.
# Cover art work. 
# You will also get a copy of the lyrics sheet for each track. 

Track list: 

1-Pinky Pie
3-Perfectly strange 
4-Just saying
8-Bound to fall
9-Tie me down
10-Devil Inside
11-Not breathing
12-A word of lies

Perfectly Strange - Album on USB drive

  • The album will be shipped on a physical USB drive, 
    The drive can be formated and is "as the case with all electronics" subject to electronic interference and faults if not looked after properly, or exposed to external elements, also if not ejected correctly from computers and other electronic devices that require the use of such function. 
    if you format or delete the contents , there will be no other way to recover it, Unless you have made a backup. 

© 2016  Demonika

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