Instagram and the new album.

We are now on Instagram, and you guys can follow us there, as it will be a new part of our photo blog from our studio while we're working on the new album "we already started writing and recording" and we're thrilled with the new direction of the album and the sound. Follow us on instagram

Nawar has begun writing and recording mainly 7 string based songs, This approach opened up a new world of possibilities, and helped in shaping and creating a new sound and style,

Our first album "Perfectly strange" was an incredible achievement in what 2 people can accomplish, and that relentless execution, Dedication and hard work can certainly produce awesome results,

Nawar will also be working on the recording blog, and share many of his studio sessions with you all, including some of the writing and recording progress, but also mainly to share his own experience, tips and tricks of what it takes to think and write as an artist, then record as a producer/engineer.

Thanks for all the great comments and support that you all show us through our social media pages and on here, you guys rock.

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