A long overdue update, new mastered album uploaded to the live player.

old studio

So, the last time I updated or uploaded something, was well and truly before the world was upside-down, and especially in our state of Victoria here in Australia,

Everything stopped for us and for most people, and things appear to have changed forever,

we were a month out from seeing and meeting Dream Theater here for the D.O.T album tour that i was looking forward with much anticipation "still kept our tickets and meet and greet passes till today", then the world stopped moving with this Rona.

towards the end of last year, we upgraded the studio monitors to a nice 2.1 setup, i remixed and remastered the album, after much dilibiration on where to go and get a new master, but i was just not that happy with the results i had from the studios we tested, so i decided to do it myself , and it was only tonight that i actually realised and remembered to upload the new version. so for what it's worth, sorry for the delay, and i hope it sounds better to your ears like it did to mine.

Stay amongst one another and closely stay safe, breath the free air, see and cherish your loved ones, and learn the power of NO,

See you maybe one on a road somewhere,

Nawar 🤘🏻

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