Sonic Rock Studio


This is Demonika's private recording studio, 
Where the recording of the album Perfectly Strange took place.

It was originaly designed to serve as a multi purpose recording/mixing space, by having a separate control room, and studio space.


The rooms were designed and fitted by Nawar.

It was upgraded many times and has been primarely used for guitar/bass and vocal recordings. 
Running a Pro tools HD rig, with tons of plugins, along side some analoge hardware to bring in the best out of every performance.


The studio started out life as a commercial use studio, and had it's share of clients. 

Subsequently, it was changed into a private use only studio as Nawar wanted to devote every minute of spare time to spend in the studio to work on completing the album. 

This was a great timely decision, as it helped progress the completion of the album.


The decision was made since then to maintain the studio and dedicate it for band use only.

The studio has been privately funded and maintained by Nawar and Jadi-Anne,